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Tackle Tuff Premium Recovery Kit



Tackle Tuff Premium Recovery Kit TT-5001 Off-Road Winch Recovery Kit: 30 Ton Snatch Block, 2x 30 Ton D-Ring Shackles, 30’ x 3” Tow/Rescue Strap, 8’ x 3” Tree-Saver Strap, Tactical Carry Case, Kevlar Gloves Included * TACKLE TUFF Premium Off-Road Winch Recovery And Tow Assistance Kit Provides Effective On-Trail Vehicle Rescue With Out Premium Grade Components And Accessories. * TACKLE TUFF Premium Kits Make Sure You Have The Right Recovery Gear To Get The Job Done. The Kit Includes Our 60,000 Lbs (30 Ton) Breaking Strength Capacity Snatch Blocks, A Pair (2) Of Shackles With 60,000 Lbs. (30 Ton) Breaking Strength Capacity, A 30’ X 3” Recovery/Tow Strap, A 8’ X 3” Tree-Saver Strap, Kevlar Reinforced Gloves, And Our Tactical Carry Bag That Doubles As A Line Dampener. * Snatch Blocks & Shackles Made By TACKLE TUFF Are Constructed With Forged Carbon Steel and Rigorously Tested To Ensure Ruggedness In Any Offroad 4x4 Vehicle Rescue * All TACKLE TUFF Straps Are Made From 100% Nylon And Feature Reinforced Eyelets For Added Strength & Load Capacity * TACKLE TUFF products all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Tackle Tuff's Premium Off-Road Recovery Kit is designed to get you out of a tough spot. Our kits include the following: 1x TT-1001 Premium Snatch Block (30 Tons cap) 2x TT-2001 Premium Shackle Kit 3/4” (15 Tons cap.) 1x TT-3001 Recovery Strap 30’x3”  (5 Tons cap.) 1x TT-3002 TreeSaver 10’x3” (5 Tons cap.) 1x TT-4020 Kevlar Reinforced Work Gloves 1x TT-4010 Premium Carry Case / Dampener Bag Product Dimension 18 1/8" x 11 3/8" x 8 2/3" Product Weight: 32 lbs.